samedi 7 juillet 2012

Playtime Paris / Pictopia

1:1 72dpi
7 illustrations (quadri)
+ building "skycraper pictopia"
+ building "condominium"
+ building "future burger"
+ building "green hand"
+ building "lab3000"
+ building "konbini mart"
+ building "superschool"
en collaboration avec Playtime Paris

Pictopia - Laurent Bazart // Playtime Paris, Summer 12
Every season well established artists or those still to be discovered are associated with our Trend Spaces where they present work especially created for Playtime in installations where art mingles with new trends.
PICTOPIA by Laurent Bazart: Immediate departure for a future made of pixilated dreams and cybernetic characters. Destination Pictopia: a colorful, utopian world populated by princesses in love with mustachioed plumbers, yellow ghost-eating balls and other bizarre creatures.